Why Us?

Why Us?


Competitive Beyond the Horizon

Organizations large and small, public and private, strive to be competitive well into the future. Yet, few chart a comprehensive, integrated, resourced and linked strategy to achieve that goal. Those who do are rare, and fall within the category of our most celebrated and successful enterprises. Even good leaders of organizations frequently over-rely on the hardware components of a strategy for enduring success. The common result of such over-reliance is, at best, an under-performing strategy. Perhaps not a complete failure, but an outcome measurably less than could have been achieved. At its worse, such an approach may result in unquestionable failure in the competitive environment that lies just over the horizon.

Essential Elements of Success
Our extensive literature reviews suggest the human capital component of enterprise strategies is often the most essential element to optimizing the remaining elements of an integrated and balanced strategy. Those reviews further reveal the human capital component is also the most under-valued and under resourced of the several components of strategy. The consequences of such a short-sighted approach is a work force that not only lags seriously behind other critical components of the enterprise (new markets, technology, IT, etc.), but guarantees the companion elements of strategy will under achieve. MDR Strategies brings decades of expertise in strategic human capital planning, as well as integrated strategic planning experience to your enterprise, while assuring a well balanced and integrated strategy.

The Gap Analysis, a Resulting Balanced Strategy and Follow-up
Whether your enterprise is small or large, public or private, MDR Strategies can close the gap between where you want your enterprise to reside on the future competitive continuum and where the current strategy will land it. The resulting gap analysis will yield a revised, balanced strategic plan for sustained success. With most consultants, that would be the final deliverable. Not so with MDR Strategies. Our commitment extends to a follow up in twelve (12) months, at no additional cost, to adjust the analysis and/or update the strategy.