Who We Are

Who We Are



MDR Strategies, LLC is a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business Company founded by LTG (Retired) Michael Rochelle, upon his retirement from active military service in 2009.

MDR Strategies is an industry leader in Strategic Human Capital Consulting, guiding public and private clients in the critical process of connecting the proverbial “dots” between the organizational strategy and the human capital strategy. More often than not, there are critical gaps!

For these purposes, intellectual and human capital strategies are synonymous. Indeed, in a largely information-based economy, human capital is assessed largely in cognitive or intellectual terms. Consequently, the drive to rationalize required human capital with available human capital requires more than brute force.

Rationalizing strategic corporate direction and corporate human capital strategy requires complex intellectual rationalization. Such rationalization comes readily only after many years of strategic professional practice at the senior-most levels.

MDR Strategies, LLC brings those attributes to you and your public or private enterprise.